We’ll be screaming “For the Horde!”

August 20, 2011


The Sin’Dorei, “Children of the Blood” found their home in the North of the Eastern Kingdoms.  Descended from the High Elves of Quel’thalas, they praise the arcane and magic above all.  Victorious in the Troll Wars against the Amani tribe, but their city was lost in the Third War against the Scourge.  After reclaiming Silvermoon City as their capitol, the Blood Elves joined forces with the Horde in an effort to reunite with Prince Kael’thas Sunstrider in the Outlands.  However, as Kael’thas became obsessed with summoning Kil’Jaeden to Azeroth, the Blood Elves of Silvermoon abandoned him.  While in Silvermoon, the leader of the Blood Elves has since been Regent Lor’themar Theron, there are actually three leaders that have been ruling over the Sin’Dorei since Kael’thas began leading Illidan’s forces.  While Lor’themar watches over Silvermoon, Voren’thal the Seer handles the forces of the Scryers in Outlands, and Archmage Aethas Sunreaver leads the forces of the Sunreavers in Northrend against the Lich King and his armies of the Scourge.

The Children of the Blood crave the arcane, their power derived from the Sunwell, without it, it’s believed they would wither away and die from Withdrawal.  This is in direct opposition to their distant relatives the Night Elves.  Never far from Nordrassil and Teldrassil the world trees, the Night Elves derive most of their strength from the Moon and the Goddess Elune.  After the Sundering and the destruction of Zin Azshari the Night Elves expelled the use of the Arcane to focus more on the druidic powers of Nature and the Priestesses of Elune and to avoid a repeat of History.  Queen Azshara’s elite group of magic users – the Highborne, were expelled from Kalimdor – for refusing to give up the magic that had brought the Burning Legion to Azeroth, and causing the Sundering.  Azshara herself, was cast into the Ocean with her ladies in waiting – brought down to the depths the sunken Night Elves were mutated into the Naga, with the Azshara’s most trusted handmaiden Lady Vashj leading her forces and joining in an alliance with Kael’thas Sunstrider in the Burning Crusade. The Highborne made their way to Quel’thalas where they constructed the Sunwell – a well of magical energies with which they could channel their power.  Far from the World Tree however, they became smaller, paler versions of their Night Elf relatives.  Their skin no longer tinted purple, they were much Shorter and petite in build, they also lost their immortality.  The four Dragon Aspects that remained after the Sundering (although at this point Malygos’s flight had been decimated by Neltharion the Earth Warder – turned Deathwing the Destroyer, and Norzdormu was thought to be missing) Ysera and Alexstraza made a pact with the Night Elves that as long as they stayed near the World Tree and stayed away from magic, they would live forever, remain healthy and strong, etc..

And thus the Blood Elves remain a fairly neutral ally of the Horde, they really never get involved in horde disputes of leadership and it would seem unless it affects them and Azeroth as a whole, they really don’t participate much in life outside of Silvermoon.



In other news, I’m trying out tanking on a Paladin (top left), have gotten my mage to 85 and outgeared my poor little Shaman.  My warlock is now a Blood Elf as well, but I really don’t get to play her all that much.

After the quakes have settled…

May 5, 2011


Two down and three to go.  All the new zones in Cataclysm are amazing!

Deepholm is hit and miss, I love a lot of it, but some quests just aren’t that fun to get into.  You begin far beneath the surface of Azeroth in the Temple of the Earth, a place that houses the World Pillar.  It also housed Deathwing under the nurturing care of the Twilight’s Hammer.  The Earthen Ring took it over in an attempt to repair the World Pillar when it ruptured in the Cataclysm.  On missions from the Earthen Ring you battle against the Twilight’s Hammer and discover most of the hidden caverns and new creatures that dwell beneath Azeroth.  You also are introduced Therazane, the Stonemother.  She’s one of the Lieutenants of the Old God’s (others being Ragnaros the Firelord, Neptulon the Tidehunter, and Al’Akir the Windlord) and you might remember her daughter – Princess Theradras who resides within Maradon – in fact the death of her daughter is one of many reasons that Therzane shows no large amount of love for humans and in fact distrusts them immensely.  Through quests and tabard wearing however, it is highly advantages to get reputation with the Stonemother to exalted status…much like the Sons of Hodir in the Stormpeaks of Northrend, Therazane rewards her favored with Inscription enchants on their shoulder gear.

Mount Hyjal is so fluid moving that you don’t even realize that it’s over until you grab the Coming Down The Mountain Achievement. Champions journey to Moonglade on a missive to aide the Gaurdians of Hyjal, Ysera of the Dream is aiding forces in there when you arrive, dealing much with the Twilight’s Hammer and Rallying the Ancients of lore past.  Ysera sends you to speak with Malfurian Stormrage who in turn sends you on various missions against the Twilight’s Hammer and a familiar ball of flame.  From there, you travel to the Shrine of Goldrinn and the Mother Tree, G’Hanir at the Shrine of Aviana.  Goldrinn also known as La’Gosh – an ancient white wolf that is said to have such ferocity and will power that he is able to push through the realm of the afterlife to aide his people.  He is thought to have aided the Elves of Eldre’thalas in the battle against the Burning Legion. Aviana, once a raven but favored of the Goddess, Elune made into a Demigoddess, was the mistress of G’Hanir – upon death the creatures of the sky were returned to the Mother Tree where they could take to the skies in the freedom of the life after Death.  In the battle against the Legion Aviana perished but it is said her blood poisoned all that touched it and with her death she took an immense amount of demons with her.  You pass by the Grove of Aessina – a much loved forest spirit of the dryads, and continue onward to the Sanctuary of Malorne. The Great White Stag is said to have been a lover of Elune, and in return Elune gave him a child – Cenarius (a demigod in his own right – who taught Malfurian). During the War of the Ancients Malorne was slain by Archimonde in an effort to save his son.  It is said Malorne as a gift from Elune could walk within the Emerald Dream. It is also said that Ysera – mistress of the Dream loved Malorne dearly – and adopted and loved Cenarius as her own son.  Upon seeing his death Ysera flew to his side, one of the only times her eyes have opened in known history, and all the demons in her path perished. Malorne then sends you to aide a chained Tortolla ( also known as Tortollus). After freeing the Ancients and rallying them to fight alongside Ysera and the champions of Azeroth you are sent to infiltrate the Twilight’s Hammer and cause some much needed mischief.  I’m not spoiling anything else that happens within the zone, but it’s worth it to check it out, some faces that are legendary and some that are legendary for completely different reasons as the first.

Vash’jr, this is a zone that is amazing.  Completely underwater, you follow Budd and his gang into the ocean, are saved once again by the Earthen Ring and are enlisted in helping them fight against the Naga forces of Queen Azshara (yes, that would be the “Light of Lights” that ushered in the Burning Legion in the War of the Ancients).  During the course of the Vash’jir missions and quests you are taken across the Great Sea and in some places back in time – as a Naga battlemaiden to what appears to have been a giant battle against the Kvaldir ( the same Mistwalkers form Borean Tundra) in which you defend the city against the Viking Water Warriors. Being transformed into a naga is a pretty interesting experience, but nothing beats having your own two feet and Sea Legs.  Among many other tasks of importance you are also asked to go within the brain of some very large organisms that houses various Twilight and Naga forces and halt their operations within. 

Uldum is so fun! So many pop culture references that I couldn’t begin to name and spoil them all.  Harrison Jones guides you through the last half with excitement and adventure and at the end you get to see a much missed familiar face. Uldum is one of the only titan constructions that can date it’s creation to before mortal life on Azeroth.  It is located on the Southern coast of Kalimdor in the outskirts of Tanaris.  The cat-people that reside within Uldum are known as the Tol’vir.  Throughout the zone you assist the people of Ramkahan in fighting the Nefferset, a rival “clan”. Uldum is sought by not only the minions of Deathwing, but one Brann Bronzebeard – who you might remember from such instances as Uldaman, Ulduar and the instance Halls of Stone located in the Stormpeaks of Northrend.  Brann leads you to the Halls of Origination where you battle through the various “Traps” and Obsticles the titans set up as a security system.  You also explore on dangerous and exciting adventures with Harrison Jones! You go explore the ancient ruins of Uldum, espionage your way through Schnottz’s Landing.

The Twilight Highlands is a lore-fiends fantasy.  Located in Khaz Modan, east of the Wetlands, it’s one of the more exciting questing phased questing areas.  You begin fighting against the Dragonmaw at the docks of Highbank.  From there you move outwards to helping the Wildhammer Clan of dwarves and the Dunwalds get restablished and continue their efforts to hold off the Dragonmaw.  You also assist (or don’t) Thrall and venture into the Maw of Madness – and begin helping them fight against the forces of the Old Gods.  The Twilight’s Hammer cult first seen in Silithus also has made their home in the Highlands, using it as a main base of operations in their efforts to aide the fallen EarthWarder.  There is an amazing battle between Alexstrasza and Deathwing as well, during a chain the eventually leads you through the doors of Grim Batol.

The world has changed with Cataclysm and factions are overturned.  While the Alliance and the Horde stand on the brink of war yet again, each faction knows that a much greater threat lurks overhead. 

The Cataclysm

December 4, 2010

Deathwing soars over Azeroth as we speak, leaving destruction in his wake.  Deathwing – who used to be known as the Earth Warder, Neltharion – Dragon Aspect of the Earth, has returned to wreak his revenge on the living races of Azeroth. 

Another more welcome face has also returned. Malfurian Stormrage has come from the Dream, and now stands beside his wife Tyrande within the halls of Darnassus. 

What is to come in the coming months pales in comparison to the Ruby Sanctum and The Halls of Ice in which the new Lich King, Bolvar Fordragon now sits.  Tensions between the Horde and the Alliance are high it seems, especially in the upper regions of Kalimdor where the nightelves found their homes and sanctuaries.  Garrosh Hellscream has taken over as Warchief of the Horde. Ashenvale is a warzone where the once peaceful town of Astranaar stood, it now fights fires daily from Lord Magmathar as well as the Hellscream Offensive.

The Cenarian Circle has journeyed into Desolace and set up a grove, inspiring life to grow and flourish.  I have not yet reached Silithis to know if they still fight there. 

SouthShore and all of Hillsbrad has been raided by Sylvanas and her Forsaken Army.  They grow humans for who knows what means, but the entire territory is a very dangerous for one of the alliance.

The horde also celebrates the addition of the Bildgewater Cartel goblins to their ranks, and the liberation of Echo Isles for the jungle trolls.

Alliance too, has things to celebrate.  We can now call the Worgans of Gilneas our allies.  Genn Greyman has come to Stormwind and now stands beside King Wrynn.  The Gnomes have liberated part of Gnomeregan – their old home city.

I must get back, I’m currently aiding the forces in Feralas.

Beware if you travel through Azeroth, a giant Black Dragon flies, killing all in his path.

Changes are in the air…

July 15, 2010

Whispers across Northrend tell of a new foe within the Ruby Sanctum.

I joined a twenty five man army in an assault on IceCrown Citadel and were successful against The Lord Marrowgar, Lady Deathwhisper, Gunship Battle, Deathbringer Saurfang, we healed Dreamwalker to full, and continued on to spy on Sindragosa, but in the end admitted defeat for another week.

Last night I faced Rotface and Putricide for the first time, but only downed Rotface, tonight we march in an army of ten against Professor Putricide.

Introducing Iratzie

July 13, 2010

Into the Ruins…

June 8, 2010

Iratze, Derith, Heavensblood stand having defeated the ruins, and ventured into the Temple of AQ.

We ventured forth into Old World AQ 20 and wrecked it!  We figured after the first pull nothing could really stop us.  (sadly the first boss in the temple, apparently turns everybody against each other and we ended up killing each other)

Second boss glitched and brought the entire room of adds to us.

A distraction while Cataclysm approaches.

June 6, 2010

While my guild has…dispersed in an attempt to see the Lich King individually rather than as a group, I’ve been pugging  into ICC 10 and 25.  Cataclysm approaches and I’ve been distracting myself with a new face.


Progression in Progression

April 29, 2010

The view from the top of Dalaran

Last night, WAR ventured into ICC yet again, but this time, we stormed the first wing of the Citadel in under an hour and with no complications.  We also ventured forth and defeated Festergut before setting up camp outside of Rotface.  We’ll return tonight for two hours of complete progression – and it feels amazing.  I can’t wait!


So…we ended up not going into ICC and having bad luck with TOC so unfortunately we won’t be getting phat loots.

A victorious night!

April 23, 2010

WAR downs Festergut.

Tonight was a good night.  Next up Rotface, over the next few days I will be doing what I can to read up on Rotface and seeing more to the battle.

On an off-topic, I would like to congradulate my Guild and Raid family on the majority being in the top 40 geared people of their class and spec and faction on our server.  This is impressive in my eyes and I’m really excited with our recent progress.

Into the Plague Wing…

April 22, 2010

WAR defeats Stinky and Precious

WAR ventured once again into Icecrown Citadel last night.  Lord Marrowgar, Lady Deathwhisper all fell to our blades and magic, and after Downing the opposing army’s gunship Saurfang fell to his knees.

We moved onward into the Plaguewing and took on Rotface’s little pets Stinky and Precious, and won! After recovering from the effort we starred down Rotface a few times, before calling it an night and setting up camp.

Tonight we will battle onward toward the Lich King!